I need to know where to start how to start what to do next how to not be overwhelmed how to stay organized how to ask for help who to really trust where to look for the next step on my journey

“Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.”

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The Mission of Autorefocused is to provide a strong addition to your business and creative resource library, without forcing you to choose between a lens and a class or two!

Essentially this is a virtual mind dump of everything we have learned in the past 7 years of operating a family business. From creation, to branding, to launching, to failing, to rebranding, to relaunching, to learning, to growing, to relaunching again, and everything in between. IF you want some of the most relevant business mentoring based on things which happened to a NEW business in the past 5 years, then this is where you want to be.

The best answer I can give is this – we believe that access to another creative’s experiences and knowledge is a valuable resource, but it should not have to cost thousands of dollars. We also believe that if a creative is going to provide access to their experiences and knowledge, then they should be just as committed with their time and input as their members are with their dollars. Trust and Respect go a long way with me and it should with you as well.

You can expect that I will be putting my heart and soul into every aspect of this platform. I intend for this to be as wide a net of knowledge as possible, with the opportunity to go deeper into any subjects you desire. Ours is one of representing the “humanities” portion of your business education, with SME ( Subject Matter Experts ) in various fields offering their input and additional premium services for those wanting to pursue more than what is included in your Ownership License.

I desire the same level of trust and respect we try very hard to give around here. If something is broken – let me know and I will fix it. Should you see something which can be improved, reach out to me and I will research how to make it happen. In the event something is not at all how you would do it, share with me your constructive feedback and we shall improve the entire platform together as a team. 

Because we are honest and humble enough to know in our hearts that this is really a work in progress. We know that there is much to be added and deepened in all areas. Basically, you are locking in your Membership costs at the Beta Level, and would be grandfathered against any and all adjustments to the Membership Costs in the future. That’s not to say we are starting out without any content. There are over 200 individual lesson plans in here to start. We just know what our roadmap is over the next 5 years, and we want to reward those who invest in us early. Nothing more, Nothing less.

Wedding Photography By The Numbers...

$ 1
2017 Average Cost of a Wedding

$33.4K is the average cost of a weddings in 2017 (down from $35,329 in 2016(source: The Knot Real Wedding Study). This downward trend of the average wedding cost is also supported by a study by The Wedding Report (now at $25,760).

Important takeaway(s) from this Statistic: 

It’s hard to say whether these variances are due to actual changes or reporting issues/limitations.


$ 1
2017 average cost of Wedding photography

$2.4 to $2.6 is the average cost of wedding photography in 2017, depending on which report you view. At The Knot reported $2,630 (down from $2,783 in 2016); and WeddingWire reported $2,400 (the same figure as 2016).  Wedding photography accounts for more than 13% of the $79 billion industry (IBISWorld).  Photographers are 4th most expensive purchase in terms of wedding day expenditure.  The most costly purchases are (1) venue, (2) catering, (3) live musical band, (4) photographer (WeddingWire)

Major takeaway(s) from this Statistic: 

While there are variations from year to year, wedding photography isn’t going anywhere as a major wedding expense and a major revenue opportunity for photographers.


1 %
posted about their engagement on facebook

76% is the percentage of couples who said they post about their engagement on Facebook according to WeddingWire but Pinterest outperforms Facebook as a key wedding pre-planning tool.

Key takeaway(s) from this Statistic: 

Invest the right amount of time and energy into social media.  Ensure you’re not spending all of your time on one platform.  And Facebook’s targeted advertising might be a viable purchase for photographers.


Average number of months before wedding when booking photographer

9 months is the average amount of time before their wedding that a couple is booking their photographer (via Weddingwire). This is around the same time as the purchase of the wedding dress.

Huge takeaway(s) from this Statistic: 

Understanding the business cycle of wedding photography can help you plan things like your advertising spend and strategy.  It can also help you trace issues or trends back to events or changes that occurred in the past.